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Thread Contributor: jblazegconverting with gd2asset


i tried to convert graphics with gd2asset but with no luck. The screen stays dark after uploading.

Even a already converted asset which seem to work elsewhere keeps the screen dark (see attachment). WHat am I doing wrong? I tried to convert with gd2asset and gd3asset - no change. After gd2 conbversion i get no error - just the normal "Assets report"


attached is the jpg-file. converted gd2 is here:

#define LOAD_ASSETS()  GD.load("heise.gd2");
#define HEISE_HANDLE 0
#define HEISE_WIDTH 46
#define HEISE_HEIGHT 43
#define HEISE_CELLS 1
#define ASSETS_END 3956UL
static const shape_t HEISE_SHAPE = {0, 46, 43, 0};

#include <EEPROM.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <GD2.h>

#include "heise.h"

const unsigned int LOGO_TAG = 42;

unsigned int logo_x;
unsigned int logo_y;

void setup() {

void loop() {
 GD.Vertex2ii(logo_x, logo_y, HEISE_HANDLE, 0);
 GD.cmd_text(240, 136, 30, OPT_CENTER, "c't Hardware Hacks");
 if (GD.inputs.tag == LOGO_TAG)

void set_logo_position() {
 logo_x = GD.random(480 - HEISE_WIDTH);
 logo_y = GD.random(272 - HEISE_HEIGHT);

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