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Thread Contributor: lightcalamarNew library GD2ESP32 for FT810

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Better response on post New library GD2ESP32 for FT810Library for MCU ESP32.

This new library does NOT support microSD reader at the moment, it is an initial phase to make it work with the example and see that it works with any type of the many that there is in the market.

The tests have been satisfactory with ESP32, models DOIT and NODEMCU ESP32-S (v1.1)

Soon to implement new functions in the library.
More changes to repository

Greetings.  Sleepy

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#include <GD2UESP32.h>

Bitmap title, xaxis, yaxis, YCyg;

void setup()

 title.fromtext(30, "This is the Chart Title");
 xaxis.fromtext(27, "This is the X axis title");
 yaxis.fromtext(27, "This is the Y axis title");
 YCyg.fromtext(30, "This is the Y axis title");

void loop()

 title.draw(240, 30);
 yaxis.draw( 20, 136, DEGREES(270));
 yaxis.draw( 500, 150, DEGREES(300));
 yaxis.draw( 600, 200, DEGREES(360));
 GD.ColorRGB(0x00ff00);  YCyg.draw( 500, 300, DEGREES(300));
 GD.ColorRGB(0xff0000);  YCyg.draw( 500, 300, DEGREES(200));
 xaxis.draw(240, 250);

 for (int x = 50; x < 440; x += 20) {
   int y = 255 - (x / 2 + random(20));
   GD.Vertex2ii(x, y);

GD2ESP32 library.
I am trying to use the text_in_angle example with Wroom-2 ESP32 board.
With the following pinouts:
SCK   18
CS      5
PD     0.1ufd to gnd, 20k to +3.3v and middle to the PD pin for getting reset signal.

But I dont see anything on the screen. Cables are of 10cm, the same screen and cables are working with my STM32 bluepill board.

Any idea?


Better response on post New library GD2ESP32 for FT810Hi,
Finally I got this to work. But I have to download the library from your github at The one given on this thread did not work with me. But the one I downloaded from the github did work on first try.
Thank you,
I might bother you again if need any help.

Thank you for you work and support.

Thanks for interesting this library for MCU ESP32.

Effectively all the changes are in repository, this experimental library and I still work on it, for example implement microsd reader. be a lot of work but I want to achieve a decent library for ESP32

Thanks for everything to you and to verify its operation., By the way what type of ESP32 you have, to be able to put an image?

My tests have been with NODEMCU 32-s, DOITY and DEV-Kit v1.1, all work

Regards, Tomas F.
Better response on post New library GD2ESP32 for FT810    

I am using ESP-WROOM-32. Picture attached.
Yes if ESP32 board friend @ raufjay  work.

The only reader to test and work is this (try many and without result), also in official forum espressif read that work those who have buffers and it is not true. I leave the link of the correct one:


this link; or from eBay;

This only use that model, others in my tests destroy microSD.

To be this prototype and to work; 



Regards. Tomas F.
Better response on post New library GD2ESP32 for FT810Update: the first test with the touch screen it's in progress


Helo friend.

Library  microSD reader for ESP32 runnig this;

Also in repository;,

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