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Thread Contributor: lightcalamarNew unified library GD32Z all MCU

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Better response on post New unified  library GD32Z all MCUEnglish

Less than a year ago my friend @ TFTLCDCyg on a very rainy morning, I was surprised when he told me that the STM32F boards that he acquired in his day worked with James Bowman's GD2 library.

It was not long when our other friend @ RndMnkIII , managed in 3 hours to operate the microSD reader of these boards.

Today we announce and with much caution, still to miss a lot to work. What has been achieved these days is to UNIFY all the libraries that we have used, and for which, now all the MCUs that we use, for example Arduino, Teensy, ESP8266, ESP32 and STM32F will use a single library.

This library, still in development as I have written, but fully functional we have baptized it as;


It has been a very hard job, my gratitude to my friend @ TFTLCDCyg for so many hours dedicated, and I will never tire of supporting him and working with him.

In these moments the library is in the repository, still missing many examples, but little by little. We are going to incorporate all the possible examples that we have without publishing, but now we are going to do it, because of our enthusiasm to our beloved FTDI screens.

Any questions, suggestions or help, can be made in this same topic. We will be very proud of your collaboration. The best ... for forgetfulness, here is the link of this the definitive library;

Enjoy it !!!


Hace menos de un año mi amigo @ TFTLCDCyg  en una mañana muy lluviosa, me sorprendio cuando me comento que las boards STM32F que adquirio en su día funcionaban con la libreria GD2 de James Bowman.

No pasó mucho tiempo cuando nuestro otro amigo @ RndMnkIII , logro en 3 horas hacer funcionar el lector microSD de estas placas.

Hoy anunciamos y con mucha cautela, todavia faltar mucho por trabajar. Lo que se ha conseguido en estos días es UNIFICAR todas las librerias que hemos usado, y por las cuales, ahora todas las MCUs que usemos, por ejemplo Arduino, Teensy, ESP8266, ESP32 y STM32F usanrán una unica libreria.

Esta libreria, todavia en desarrollo como he escrito, pero totalmente funcional la hemos bautizado como;


Ha sido un trabajo muy duro, mi gratitud a mi amigo @ TFTLCDCyg  por tantas horas dedicadas, y no me cansaré jamas de apoyarle y trabajar con él

En estos momentos la libreria se encuentra en el repositorio, aun faltar muchos ejemplos, pero poco a poco. Vamos a incorporar todos los ejemplos posibles que tenemos sin publicar, pero ahora lo vamos a hacer, por nuestro estusiasmo a nuestra queridas pantallas de FTDI.

Cualquier duda, sugerencia o ayuda, la pueden realizar en este mismo tema. Estaremos muy orgullosos de su colaboracion. Lo mejor ... por olvido, aqui estar el enlace de esta la definitiva libreria;

Disfrutenla !!!
Good work. Thanks.


Examples for ESP32 = 5
Examples for ESP8266 = 6
Examples for Teensy = 6
Examples for STM32F = 25
Examples for ALL_BOARDS = 12
Hi getting errors regardign the SD fat in nearly all your examples...

Is there a third party specific sdfat library your using?

Got it compiling with Generic Core... Isnt working on Steves Arduinio_STM32 core....

Also video still seems to freeze the display
Please  @ Mangy_Dog compile with this core; (included into core library SDFat)

Then you carry out tests and give an opinion on whether to work examples from the library
Yep, used this core too... And Video playback deffo isnt working.

I can load my project. just not video...

Though i admit ideally i want it running on Steves core as im using his SPI DMA to run smart leds :/
(31-05-2018, 18:26 59)Mangy_Dog Wrote: Yep, used this core too... And Video playback deffo isnt working.
I can load my project. just not video...
Hello again.

Library called GD23Z does not playback videos.
Library called GD23ZU, yes playback videos .avi, See this link;
Angel Angel Angel
On STM32duino you said it did :/
Hi,  friend see the new repository;

Thanks!  Gracias
I check GD23Z-master and GD23ZESP32-master on ESP32 devkit , is not working with Riverdi BT815 displays EVE3.
why could it be?

if you turn it on many times - turn off the power, then after 5..10 times it display turns on.
I checked on several displays, and several different esp32.
The wires are short, the power is good, the pull-up resistors set. did not help.

The "riverdi_eve_arduino" library works immediately from the first power-up, but on the arduino (arduino mini pro). on esp32 it does not work.

I need a working library for esp32, what can you tell me?

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