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Thread Contributor: lightcalamarOficial Video Playback

Better response on post Oficial Video Playback FT81xmania.comHello all.

The Oficial playback video for test with library GD23ZU

Donwload file .avi

Just upload this code
#include <GD23ZU.h>

void setup()

void loop()
 MoviePlayer mp;

Enjoy  Wink

P.S. Thanks @ hal2000
Hi lightcalamar, I am interrested in video support using ESP32. Is it some work in progress on your side now? I can contribute, I was able to put together on the same board SDMMC functionnality and GD23ZESP32 examples, connected on separate pins and separate ESP32 peripherals. It seems it could be quite streightforward to port it on ESP32.
Hello Lightcalamar, thanks for your anwser!
I succeed to play this video from SD card with an ESP32, using modified GD23ZU.
Are you interrested to get my modified version of GD23ZU for ESP32?

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