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Thread Contributor: raufjayPower Hungry FT81x


I am trying to use a 1000mA lipo battery with my stm32 with Hotmcu FT811CB 5" display. It is taking around 450mA for normal operation. I am still investigating further into my projects different segments to see which part is eating how much power.
But i am sure the main power hungry would be FT811 based 5" TFT with capacitive Touch.
Have any one implemented any power saving algorithm for these displays?
Any help will be highly appreciated.


I suggest checking the connection of pin VOUT1V2. I was working with a custom board which had VOUT1V2 pin mistakenly connected to VCC (3.7V). The consumption was quite high.

For those of you who are asking themselves how the FT813 could possible work with such a shortcircuit, I have no answers. Basically, the chip didn't blow up, rather it was degrading over time. I can just tell the FT813 used to last from 1 week to few months before starting behaving weirdly. I was able to determine that the weird behavior was due to bad sampling of SPI data.

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