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Thread Contributor: desiredshoeScreen flash during power on

Has anyone figured out how to prevent the screen from flashing white during power on?
Hi desiredshoe!

What TFT do you have?.

Please, show us some pictures of your hardware in order to get a more clear path of the solution.
Apologies, I'm using a Teensy 3.5 with the 5" 800x480 HOTMCU display.  Running GD23Z code.  I've attached a video showing what is happening.  It's not a huge deal, I guess I'm just a little picky with these little things.
I was going to upgrade to a Newhaven display but after emailing them about the issue, they are saying that their screens also do that. Must be because of the FTDI chip.

I wonder if I could split the display LED ground and hook it up to one of the digital inputs on the Teensy with a delay. Anyone think that would work?
Better response on post RE: Screen flash during power onMaybe this issue is related to teensy 3.X board SPI architecture, in the STM32 Nucleo F767ZI + NHD 7" (FT813) this behavior is less visible

Left: Nucleo F767ZI+NHD 7"
Right: Teensy 3.6 + NHD 5"

The NHD-FT813 TFT´s have more quality, you can connect with FFC20-pin@1mm-pitch or with the onboard header 20 pin@2.54mm-pitch

I suggest the sunlight readable series
I think it's the initialization of the GD.begin(); because if I have this code...


It will do nothing for 2 seconds, flash white then black and then 2 seconds later the screen will display the image. Going to break out the LED- pin from the display and connect it to a digital in and see how that works.

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