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Thread Contributor: raufjaySPI clock setting

I see in GD2UB.h the SPI clock has set to 21MHz. There is a 3MHz commented value beside 21MHz. 
My question is that what other SPI clock frequency we can use other than 21MHz.


Better response on post RE: SPI clock settingWhen we reviewed the original gameduino 2 library, in order to get functionally on STM32, we was have a few ideas on the supported frequencies on STM32 boards like C8 or F103, then we put some random values in order to get a response of the hardware: 3, 21 or 36 MHz. So this is the main reason by you see that values.

In strict way, the datasheet of each STM32 board, tell us which is the correct setup of the frequencies on the SPI ports. For example, for the SPI1,4,5,6 of the nucleo F767ZI STM-board (p. 176): 27, 37, 50 and 54 MHz are possible values.

For SPI2,3 only 27 MHz max.

PD: You know, this is a working progress, so the libraries like GD2UB or GD2UD are beta stages.

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