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Thread Contributor: puddletownTouch screen not working? Stuck in wiring.h loop


Sorry i m an English speaker only. Hope you can answer this. 

I m using the ft810 driver and 5inch screen. I managed to get some of the examples from the driver working and displaying on the screens, however i m having problems with the touch functionality. I have a DS3231 EEPROM connected to my MCU and that seems to be working ok. However when I touch the screen (the red circle in top right hand corner) the screen goes white. 

After debugging where the code is getting stuck the problem seems to be the finish() function. This finish function uses GDTR.finish() which in turn is defined as 

  void finish() {
    wp &= 0xffc;
    __wr16(REG_CMD_WRITE, wp);

    while (rp() != wp)
 // Serial.println("test3");

The code gets stuck in the loop --> while (rp() != wp)

I printed off the values for rp() and wp. The values i m getting for rp() are 512 and the values i m getting for wp are 520. So obviously the loop wont break and will run continuously. 

Is there something wrong?

My setup is as follows

MCU --> STM32f429ZI

CS --> PA4
CLK --> PA5
MOSI --> PA7
MISO --> PA6
Scl -- > B6
Sda -> B9


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