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Thread Contributor: raufjayVolume and screen layout

Hello again,

I am back to the design table after a break.  
I need your help in finding the volume control for Audio output. And how to change screen layout.

I am using Haoyu 5" 800x480 screen with STM32F103 bluepill.
This display uses FT811 with capacitive touch panel.

1) I want to have volume control for Audio output, I could not find it in this forum any thing about it.

2) I am using landscape screen layout. But I want 180 degree rotation as display shows upside down at the moment. I can not rotate the LCD because the pcb behind the LCD will also move upward and the cable from bluepill will get longer. Which causes screen not to turn on some time.

Thank you for your support.

Better response on post RE: Volume and screen layoutHello,

I found out the volume control finally.

GD.wr(REG_VOL_SOUND, v); // v = 0 to 255

But am still finding hard to find the screen rotation settings.




Screen rotation is also resolved now.

GD.wr32(REG_ROTATE,0); // values from 0 to 7.

However, if we need to rotate the screen as well as the Touch co-ordinates, in order to sync the touch with the buttons on screen, we should use this command:

GD.cmd_setrotate(0); // values from 0 to 7.
I noticed that if we use GD.cmd_setrotate(x) then we do not need to use GD.wr32(REG_ROTATE,x) command. GD.cmd_setrotate(x) will do both the jobs. It will rotate the screen as well as touch co-ordinates.

In my sketch I have used 100ms delay after running this command, else some time after reset, this command does not work. I have not tried it with lower than 100ms delay.

Make sure that all above commands should be used after GD.begin, else screen never comes up.


Better response on post RE: Volume and screen layoutThanks for your indications. We now work with the new Gameduino3 library with new features, for example playback videos etc ...

You can start which library to use?
Thank you very much
Will that GD23STM32 library work with HOTMCU FT811? It is 5" with capacitve touch screen.

There are many example provided by the FT manufacturer. Such as FT_Aoo_Keyboard.
I tried to use it with your GD2UB library. But failed.
Is there any way or procedure you can guide me to, for using those examples with your library?
If all the HOTMCU screens (any inches) work with libraries GD2STM32 and GD2UB.

Its failure to be possible the configuration of lines in file .GD2UB.h, where to configure, screen type, rotation, signal pin POR etc or else in file /transport/wiring.h and GD2UB.cpp

I will give you a basic example "Hello Wold" with a customized configuration tomorrow.

For example the listing of the configurations of the GD2UB library
I am currently finishing a special library for ESP8266 for FT8xx screens  juguete

Better response on post RE: Volume and screen layoutManual configuration library GD2UB this link;


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