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Thread Contributor: raufjayWhat does Error en STM32F103C8T6 Revisar Comandos Mean


Occasionally, I get the following error while using GD2UB library.

Error en STM32F103C8T6 Revisar Comandos.

What does this exactly mean? Is is stack overflow or any thing else?



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Hello, @ raufjay
Usually this error from my experience is due to blocks of incoherent codes within your programming sheet. Also sometimes be the problem of the microSD reader.

Maybe @ TFTLCDCyg it will guide you more. If you have a very permanent error, please include your code and be able to find out where your problem is
That error is called: "coprocessor error"

Maybe can be generated by:

- File error on the microSD card.
- Bad wiring of the SPI bus for microSD reader
- Damage on MicroSD card
- File missing on the microSD card
- GD.swap()  missing
- Bad image file name on sketch calling
- Too many instructions on the current display list (more of 2048 instructions at once time)

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