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  CK Building Material Co.,Ltd
Posted by:  lyy150a - 15-01-2019, 07:47 15 - Forum: Library GD23ZU - No Replies

CK Building Material Co.,Ltd, is a industry’s leading manufacture of building materials, such as glass mosaic, glass window, glass dome, murals, etc. 
It was founded in Guangdong,China in 2006 , For over 11 years, We has been shipped and sold around the world, also we have grown our producing technical, product offering ability and service to become one of the largest building material factory in the nation.
CK knows how valuable your time is, that is why we pride ourselves on doing all we can to operate on your timeline, not ours. To serve you better, many of our dedicated employees have full experience and know the concrete industry and the demands that customers needed.
Whether you are looking for something contemporary to work with your home, or something a little warmer and more traditional, you are at the right place for your home decoration materials of all styles and finishes.
We hold the exhibition every year in China and Overseas. 
CK can offer OEM and ODM services as well.We also have professional designer department, export department.So customer can enjoy the factory price with professional export services.

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  Touch screen not working? Stuck in wiring.h loop
Posted by:  puddletown - 05-12-2018, 17:32 42 - Forum: Pantallas FT810, FT811 y FT813 - No Replies


Sorry i m an English speaker only. Hope you can answer this. 

I m using the ft810 driver and 5inch screen. I managed to get some of the examples from the driver working and displaying on the screens, however i m having problems with the touch functionality. I have a DS3231 EEPROM connected to my MCU and that seems to be working ok. However when I touch the screen (the red circle in top right hand corner) the screen goes white. 

After debugging where the code is getting stuck the problem seems to be the finish() function. This finish function uses GDTR.finish() which in turn is defined as 

  void finish() {
    wp &= 0xffc;
    __wr16(REG_CMD_WRITE, wp);

    while (rp() != wp)
 // Serial.println("test3");

The code gets stuck in the loop --> while (rp() != wp)

I printed off the values for rp() and wp. The values i m getting for rp() are 512 and the values i m getting for wp are 520. So obviously the loop wont break and will run continuously. 

Is there something wrong?

My setup is as follows

MCU --> STM32f429ZI

CS --> PA4
CLK --> PA5
MOSI --> PA7
MISO --> PA6
Scl -- > B6
Sda -> B9


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  Bitmap corruption when swapping pages
Posted by:  lorcap - 22-11-2018, 11:56 54 - Forum: Codigos - Replies (2)

Hi everyone,

in my project (not using gameduino library) I used to load bitmaps into half RAM_G when switching from one page to another. This way, the switch was instant and smooth.

The project has grown to a point where bitmaps of some pages can no longer fit in half of RAM_G. The trick above causes a temporary bitmap corruption while new images are being loaded and before swapping, because new bitmaps override old ones.

Currently, I decided to draw a blank page lasting 100-300ms while loading the new bitmaps. This avoids to show corrupted images.

I was wondering if there exists a better technique which avoids the blank. Ideally, I should stop/freeze the graphic engine and the end of a frame, load new images, and draw the new page. I tried setting REG_PCLK to 0, but an horizontal white line is shown for 100-300ms, which is not very good-looking.

I had a look at gameduino library, but neither GD.swap() nor Bitmap::fromfile() seem doing anything special. Bitmap::fromtext() only seems using the REG_PCLK technique.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  ¿Qué librería SDFat usar en la ultima actuación para teensy 3.5/6 o STM32?
Posted by:  TFTLCDCyg - 21-11-2018, 01:14 17 - Forum: Teensy - No Replies

La revisión mas reciente de la librería para pantallas FT81X en placas como la teensy 3.5, teensy 3.6 y STM32 tales como la nucleo F767ZI van acompañadas de versiones diferentes de la librería SDFat.

Las placas teensy 3.5 o la 3.6, requieren de la librería convencional SDFat, que podemos descargar del repositorio oficial de Bill Greiman:

En  el caso de las placas STM32 como la F429 o la núcleo F767ZI debemos usar la librería incluida en el core de danieleff; no podemos usar la oficial (por lo menos hasta el día de hoy), ya que está adaptada para funcionar en el core genérico.

Recomiendo instalar la librería SDFat oficial en la carpeta de librerías de arduino, cuando usamos placas como la F767, el core genérico busca en la carpeta de librerías del propio core, por lo que no hay conflicto por un llamado duplicado a la SDFat.

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  Screen flash during power on
Posted by:  desiredshoe - 13-11-2018, 06:05 23 - Forum: Codigos - Replies (5)

Has anyone figured out how to prevent the screen from flashing white during power on?

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